ISO 9001

Quality Policy

OMEGA-soft Ltd. develops and installs softwares, sells computers and deals with technical consultation, services relating to these activities. The engagement of our firm to the quality reflects in running a quality system, which was formed based on the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard. The quality policy of our organisation is essentially determined by producing products and services of excellent quality. Our firm, - using its own intellectual and material resources satisfies the demands of the clients at a high professional level, with flexibility and reliability and at a competitive price. So that the above-written things could be realized all employees of OMEGA-soft Ldt. confess themselves the following:

  • We always develop our products and services by taking into account the demands and professional experiences of our clients. So our partners can use devices which, thanked for the built-in automatisms can increase labour efficiency considerably and can reduce the possibility of occurance of mistakes caused by human errors.
  • We try to gain and keep the confidence of our clients by performing excellent quality, doing our job at high level professional skill, performing services on the fly with reliability and providing supporting servicess.
  • By mutual cooperation we want to achieve that our products could meet the demands of the users, the application pratice and business requirements. If any of our clients wishes, we provide a suitable training on usage of the system.
  • We provide technical support to our customers in order to help them with purchasing of our products. By our customer service on the phone, we also provide an efficient help with solving the problems emerging during the use of product in a professional manner and quickly.
  • We provide reliable information on products delivery and other details concerning ordering products.
  • We measure our own performance so that we could use the results as base for further developments.
  • We are responsible employers in favour of our employees [ for example safety], of our customers [ for example packaging], and of the community [for example environment].
  • Our firm meets the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality standard. Our aim is to take up a competitive position both in the home and in the international market.

Budapest, 30/09/2009

  Károly Szopkó
  Managing Director